A Total Solution From Liquid Based Cytology To Molecular Diagnosis

HongJing Bio (Femtopath) expands its commitment to provide a total solution in providing a more efficient procedure from liquid based cytology to molecular diagnosis. BRAF mutation detection in thyroid cytology specimens requires not only cytologic, pathologic but also molecular diagnosis of papillary thyroid carcinoma. Here we demonstrate a procedure using the same specimen slide for cytologic, pathologic but also molecular diagnosis.

Two thyroid FNA specimens was used to check its cytology and pathology characteristics, after papanicolaou staining, one suspicious for malignancy and the other is follicular neoplasm. To check its molecular diagnosis of BRAF mutation, we removed the covered slide, added Mount-Quick, scraped the cells and extract the DNA (as video link below). Then by using FemtoPath BRAF Mutation Enrichment Kit, both cases were found with BRAF V600E mutation (results as below).

By using this procedure, not only provide reliable and comparable cytology and histology results, but also provide an easy way to perform with limited samples with high sensitivity of mutation detection molecular diagnosis.

braf mutation cytology