Approach 0.5% detection sensitivity with 200 reading depth

<Material and Method>

  • 1. Femtopath enrichment method

  • 2. Specific adaptor

  • 3. Illumina NGS system

<Data summary>

  • 1. Raw data from “FemtoPath mutation enrichment assays” plus “Illumina MiSeq” can significantly locate mutations from EGFR exon 19 deletions, exon 20 T790M, and exon 21 L858R by using DNArails structure variation detection tools (Gengnir tool software) auto-interpretation.

  • 2. Candidate sites (T790M and L858R) can solely detected by single-end sequencing from foreword strands. The performance is comparable to paired-end result.

  • 3. These ten samples for Illumina MiSeq analysis can achieve the same consistency with Sanger’s sequencing at the predefined cutoff.



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