MOU signed : HongJing Bio (FemtoPath) and Vishuo




HongJing Bio have recently signed an MOU with Vishuo combining both companies product line. The purpose of the cooperation is to strengthen and coordinate both companies respective efforts to provide better products to help clinicians and patients communication to enhance health outcomes.

Vishuo’s core product, iCMDB™, advances customized analysis of diseases on molecular level tailored to clinicians in conducting personalized treatment based on patients’ genetic and pathology profiles. To ensure good management of patient data, we protect and encrypt confidential personal information by deploying on-site server installed with iCMDB™ platform and customized analysis pipelines to generate automated data quality reports and clinical annotation reports for supporting clinical decision-making.

By providing gene mutation enrichment and big data analysis technology, we not only provide precision medicine for diagnosis, but also a big step ahead for patient’s prognosis and treatment plans.