Polowang Biotech displays DTC genetic testing services at COMPUTEX TAIPEI 2016

Polowang Biotech Inc., a direct-to-consumers (DTC) genetic testing company, display their Cloud genetic screening service system at Taipei Cloud Expo at  COMPUTEX TAIPEI 2016.

Polowang Biotech Inc. recently cooperates with HongJing Biotech and successfully develop a GenonFire cloud APP service system which provides direct-to-consumers (DTC) cfDNA screening service for clonal low level oncogenic mutations detection to general public. GenonFire App system offers O2O (Online To Offline) genetic testing service by integrating laboratory, sampling, and end user. By downloading the app (GenonFire) via google or apple store, people can easily register their own account and make a reservation for genetic testing at community clinics. Instead of spending a day waiting for the report at hospital, users can review their test report anywhere via their mobile devices . This provides an effective way to people for highly sensitive and accurate molecular diagnostic service and covers several types of cancer and cancer-causing oncogenes for pre-cancer detection.

GenonFire cloud APP service system ( from Polowang Biotech transforms the health examination from Hospital-centered into patient-oriented by the strength of Bio-IoT technology. The gene data from each anonymous subject would be located and integrated into environmental big data from different geographic area through the system. Therefore, users ,who did gene testing via this app, can not only aware their gene profiling but also access the average disease risk exposed to neighborhood, and to further achieve disease prevention.

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